Monday, September 25, 2006

Ninety Five Theses on the Holocaust

Patrick Henry McNally, anti-Semitist [not anti-Semite]

An Explanatory Preface
[Copyrights claimed on this Preface and the “Ninety Five Theses on the Holocaust”]

The number 95 was deliberately chosen as a conscious reference to Martin Luther`s famous “Ninety Five Theses” which challenged the dogmas and authority of the then powerful Roman Catholic Church. Luther`s Theses were terse capsule-like expositions of the truths he wanted to hurl in the face of the powers that were. They were not dispassionate, objective analyses and neither are mine. Today the much more powerful International Synagogue of the Holocaust must be confronted in an even more forceful way.
These “Ninety Five Theses on the Holocaust” are addressed to and are about an opponent just like Luther`s were. However, they go far beyond Luther`s in terms of being insulting, confrontational, offensive, and distasteful to those traitors to Western Civilization living high off the hog within Western Civilization, i.e. the holocaust industrialists and jet-set plutocrats sucking billions of hard earned dollars out of both Gentiles and simple Jews, i.e. the Solomon Sixpackers and Lisa Lunchboxers of the Jewish sheeple.

These traitors control the jewdiciaries that have deported, imprisoned, and defamed innumerable sincere and honest scientists, scholars, lawyers, and even former concentration camp inmates who protested against the filthy blood libel of the hoaxoco$t. These early revisionists simply wanted to investigate the relevant historical events and they came from various countries, ideologies, and religions. A few of the most important were Jews who were outraged at the criminal lies being spread by their dishonest ethnic brethren.

About 75% of these theses are near-quotes, borrowings, paraphrases, or conclusions taken from a few key books and articles. A knowledgeable reader will immediately recognize many words and phrases from famous revisionists scholars such as Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, and Arthur Butz and from important Jewish thinkers such as Israel Shahak, Israel Adam Shamir, and Norman Finkelstein, who are to my knowledge not revisionists but who analyzed various dark sides of Jewishness.

Perhaps some of the gentlemen mentioned above would object to my having gone so far in using such an offensive and insulting tone, but their pioneering contributions to exposing the hoax in the holyhoax or in criticizing the abuses of the holocaust narrative are part of the treasure of public knowledge.

The holocaust can no longer be seen as an honest mistake but must be ridiculed as an unconscionably filthy lie. That is why I have chosen to start from the findings of scholarly revisionism but go beyond scholarly research to -so to speak- hoaxoco$t urination. When the holocaustofried jewdiciaries release Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, David Irving, et multi alii and generously compensate them for their sufferings with a nice fat lump sum payment and a substantial pension, then a more conciliatory tone might be called for. But right now we are waging a serious multi-front war against a vicious anti-human enemy and not simply carrying on a dispassionate scientific discussion about a politically irrelevant topic like the Trojan War.

The following seven stages are suggested as an overview of the shelf life of the Holyhoax Lie. The marketing image “shelf life” has been purposefully chosen to emphasize the obvious fact that the Hoaxoco$t Blood Libel originated, spread, and was sustained by the Herculean efforts of the joosmedia and, therefore, has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of truth but everything to do with wartime black propaganda [= flat out lies] continued well on into what seemed like peace time but was not.

The Seven Stages of the Shelf Life of the Hoaxoco$t Lie:

1. During WW2 Judeo-Bolsheviks cook up the hoaxoco$t lie to stir up anti-German hatred.
2. After WW2 the Nuremberg Jewdiciary institutionalizes the Lie by torturing imprisoned Germans and forcing them to sign what the joo torturers wanted. An early Abu Graib or Guantanamo situation.
3. The Basic Law in post-WW2 Germany [Grundgesetz (not a constitution)] makes the fake findings of the Nuremberg Show Trials a fundamental element in German political life and constitutional and criminal law.
4. Throughout the 1950s and 60s, the joosmedia spread the holyhoax poison like an underground fungus in societies throughout the world but the poison first really erupts in the 1960s and early 70s with various trials in Germany and the immigration of a major virus carrier, Alley the Weasel, into the USA.
5. Revisionists begin to get enough public attention to force piecemeal retractions from holocaust affirmers.
6. Holocaustomaniacs and hoaxoco$t industrialists panic and get any skeptical inquiry into world history`s filthiest blood libel criminalized. Brain-dead Gentiles did not see that free speech got thrown overboard and replace by jooish hate speech, i.e. any speech joos hate.
7. Holocaust revision develops into hoaxoco$t denial and the scorn and contempt of holyhoax derision which then pass over into hoaxoco$t humor and holyhoax urination.

The 95 theses fall roughly into four divisions:
I. The Hoaxocost Lie In and Of Itself [Nos. 1-41]
II. The Criminal Misuses of the Lie [Nos. 42-68]
III. Israel`s Hoaxoco$t-based State-terrorist Criminality [Nos. 69-82]
IV. Various Jooish Idiotologies [Nos.82-95]

These theses are decidedly a work in process and the overall organization will be fine-tuned and each thesis will be fleshed out to make it more understandable to those not familiar with the basic revisionist works mentioned below but who are sincerely interested in acquiring more information. Therefore, the writer sincerely appreciates any constructive criticism. However, he plans to retain the deliberately hostile, nasty, and offensive tone which emphasizes that the hoaxoco$t is a deliberate lie and not an honest mistake. Nothing more needs to be analyzed or researched. Everything anyone needs to know is available in the essays of Professor Robert Faurisson and the 21 volumes published by pre-imprisoned Germar Rudolf which can be purchased through ReporterNotebook in New York City.

We are at war with the children of the father of lies and there is no need to be worried about offending this most vicious and implacable of enemies. Our enemy does not care about our lives and we should not care about their feelings.

A Head Note on Jewish Hate Speech

The Tallmud contains lots of nasty racism, insulting epithets, and filthy lies. Perhaps today`s elite joory acquired their racism and mendacity largely from that dreadful book. At any rate, modern elite joory has perfected the art of successful lying by defaming those who refuse to believe their lies.

The best -but not the only- example is the dirty Hoaxoco$t blood libel. The scam works like this. Apparently about six thousand joos qua joos were killed or murdered during WW2. No one really knows for sure. One scholar said, “During WW2 a war was going on.” He referred to the obvious fact that wars are for killing people so one should expect that a few joos would die in a war their own leaders started. Six thousand jooz killed is a good number to start with because it is Tallmud based. The Tallmud states that one joo is worth a thousand cattle-goyim, i.e. (6000 jooz x 1000 = 6,000,000) cattle goyim equivalents.

Of course, this is only one possible explanation for the magic number of 6,000,000 which always keeps popping up. Another explanation is PR-based and argues that elite joory started with a much higher figure like 28M, 16M, or 10M and only reduced it when even the jooish sheeple themselves or the chief Gentile paradie goyim stooges could not swallow the Big Lie. Finally, they stopped at 6,000,000 and dogmatically clung to it. All the details and even other explanations can be found in Germar Rudolf`s Lectures on the Holocaust.

In any case, back to the hell`s kitchen where joo fables get cooked up! The top dogs of the joo elite were floating 10M, 8M, 6M in the early 1940s and the Awshucks Lie pretty much got written in stone at the Nuremberg Show Trials where joo prosecutors and persecutors tortured confessions out of defenseless Germans. The mendacious Nuremberg judgments gave the joosmedia carte blanche to spread the Auschwitz Lie through school textbooks, radio, TV [Tallmud Vision], pseudo-scholarly reference works, institutes, think tanks, synagogue, churches, the whole shtick.

Now it would take a very stupid and gullible person to believe world history`s dirtiest blood libel, the Hoaxoco$t, so elite Jewry began to accuse hoaxoco$t skeptics of –can you believe this?- HATE SPEECH. In German they even coined a word, Volksverhetzung, which the innocent beginning student of German might think means “inciting the people” but it actually means “inciting the cattle goyim to not believe joo lies.” Jooz themselves are always inciting the jooish sheeple and stupid cattle goyim to believe their lies.

In brief, this is the psycho-joo hate speech cycle:
1. Jew elite tells a cosmic-sized Big Lie.
2. Gentiles says, “Whow! Let`s investigate that!”
3. Joos scream, “What? You question jooish suffering and eyewitness testimonies? You are engaging in hate speech.”
4. Joosmedia then proceed to silence and defame the hapless Gentile.
5. If the Gentile persists, Jewish thugs like Rabies Kahane`s JDL [Joo Death League] send him mail-bombs or jooish assisted lightening burns down his house. These jooish thugs are almost always protected by their co-tribalists in the jewdicial system and the useless police never bother to investigate the crime.
6. If the Gentile persists, jewdiciaries bankrupt, deport, and imprison him.

These six stages of this psycho-joo hate speech cycle can all be seen in the life of the great human rights fighters Ernst Zundel, Robert Faurisson, et multi alii. The basic assumption behind elite joory`s thinking is that jooz themselves could never be guilty of anything in their relations with Gentiles.

Ninety Five Theses on the Holocaust

1. There is no forensic evidence whatsoever for the hoaxoco$t.

2. There logically cannot be any holyhoax eyewitnesses.

3. All so-called holocaust evidence is merely hearsay and senile lies.

4. The hoaxoco$t affirmers jump grasshopper-like from refuted lies to new lies awaiting refutation.

5. The hoaxoco$t is world history`s filthiest blood libel.

6. The Awshucks Labor Camp had more amenities than the USA WW2 camps for Japanese Americans.

7. Crematoria are never used anywhere to kill people. They are used to burn the bodies of people who are already dead. There is nothing ominous about crematoria.

8. Awshucks and all labor camps had insecticidal gas chambers.

9. Insecticidal gas chambers saved Jewish lives.

10. There were no homicidal gas chambers anywhere in German occupied territory.

11. Faurisson`s Challenge [Draw me a homicidal gas chamber!] must be met. Holocaustomaniacs must finally put up or shut up!

12. There were no 6,000,000 jooz to be killed.

13. During WW2 there was a war going on. During wars people die and get killed.

14. If Hiroshima deaths were not murders, neither were Auschwitz deaths.

15. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were real holocausts [killing by burning].

16. The only real holocaust in Germany was against Germans in their firebombed cities.

17. The worst war criminals [1941-1945] were the American Air Farce fire bombing squadrons.

18. There is better and more proof for the Trojan War than for the holyhoax.

19. Belief in the hoaxoco$t is epistemologically similar to belief in witches.

20. Belief in the hoaxoco#t is morally much worse than belief in witches.

21. G, Rudolf`s Lectures on the Holocaust is the indispensable vademecum

for students of the holocaust.

22. The constant changes in the holyhoax fable are due to revisionist pressure and not to any jooish honesty.

23. Jooz have abandoned the filthy “soap made from Jews” blood libel.

24. The whole hollowcause story is exactly like the filthy “soap made from Jews” lie.

25. Only jooish obstinacy, greed, and mendacity maintain the Hoaxocost Lie.

26. The Awshucks Labor Camp was much safer than the German cities being bombed.

27. Giving false testimony must be a criminal and tort offense. [“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!”]

28. In colloquial English and bureaucratic German, the phrase “Auschwitz Lie” has exactly opposite meanings.

29. If the Auschwitz Lie collapses, the hoaxoco$t collapses.

30. The holyhoax is the Achilles heel of Jew Power over Gentiles.

31. If the hoaxoco$t collapses, Jew Power collapses.

32. Nazis wanted to deport Jooz to somewhere.

33. Zionists wanted jooz to be deported to somewhere.

34. Nazis and Zionists cooperated to save jooz by getting them out of the war zone to Palestine.

35. Russia and Western Europe have different railroad width gauges.

36. The Bergen-Belch-Burp Camp and several other camps were located at the railroad width gauge difference line. They were all transit camps and not death camps.

37. If it is morally acceptable for Jews to deport Palestinians from their homeland, it was morally acceptable for Germans to deport Jews from a country not their homeland. This is called Torah tit-for-tat.

38. Deholyhoaxotoxification is urgently needed.

39. Both the Nürnberg Show Trials and Stalin`s Show Trials used lots of torture to get confessions.

40. The Nurnberg Show Trials were far worse than Stalin`s Show Trials because a whole people was condemned in perpetuity at Nürnberg.

41. An international commission must study the forensic aspects of the holocaust accusations of murder. This commission cannot include any Jews, Christians, or citizens of HOGs [Holocaust Occupied Governments].

42. Finkelstein`s witty and informative The Holocaust Industry does not even touch on the holocaust as such.

43. Jooz lie and then get angry when people do not believe their lies.

44. The absolutely biggest jooish lie is the hoaxoco$t.

45. The holyhoax fable is nothing but jooish hate speech.

46. Jooish anti-Gentile lies are a clever defense tactic.

47. Gentiles get so overwhelmed by jooish lies that they do not see that jooz are committing the very crimes they accuse Gentiles of.

48. Gentiles will stop telling truths about jooz when jooz stop telling lies about Gentiles.

49. Germans must institute a class action lawsuit against the holocaust jet-set plutocrats.

50. The hoaxoco$tofried European Union should be dissolved back into its member states.

51. Holocaust affirmers should be incarcerated.

52. World Jewry has to pay back all money extorted via the Auschwitz Lie.

53. The once proud German people have become cowards enslaved by the Auschwitz Lie.

54. Germany is now a HOG [Holocaust Obsessed Government].

55. The Hoaxoco$t is the worse plague facing humanity today.

56. All UN member states should institute an anti-Holocaust loyalty oath for their citizens. No holocaust affirmer can be trusted.

57. The holyhoaxofried UN itself should be disbanded.

58. The holyhoax must be privatized, i.e. removed from public space.

59. All hoaxoco$t museums, libraries, and stink tanks must be closed.

60. Alley the Weasel told significant lies to get his UAssA citizenship.

61. Alley the Weasel is a schmaltzy vicious hate-mongering racist liar.

62. Alley the Weasel, history`s filthiest libeler, should be deported back to the JewsOnlyState whence he came. He did not come to the USA as a homeless refugee but as a speaker and spreader of anti-Gentile hatred.

63. The Holocaust industry causes infinitely more harm than the tobacco industry. Public health warnings should be put on anything published by holocaustomaniacs.

64. The Hoaxoco$t is elite Jewry`s cash cow, golden calf, and prize alibi for any and all of its crimes.

65. The holocaust fable has replaced Christ`s Crucifixion.

66. The birth of Isrealhell has replaced Christ`s Resurrection.

67. Holocaustianity has replaced Christianity.

68. The vast majority of the jooish sheeple are hoaxoco$t racists.

69. Israel must continue to exist but within the 1948 UN mandated borders.

70. Israel can continue to serve as an open-air mental hospital for incorrigible racists. Where could Izzies go?

71. There cannot be any “one state solution” forcing Palestinians to live with racist joos.

72. The apart-hate JewState must get rid of its worse than Nazi race laws.

73. Israel sees the UAssA as its chief near-term enemy.

74. Israel destroys the UAssA through its fifth column of traitors high in the American government. Israel blackmails the JewAssA into wars fought for the JewState and these wars are bleeding America to death.

75. Unrepentant racist Jews must be helped to emigrate to the demilitarized JewState or be put back into a new ghetto.

76. Jewdayism is not any kind of a religion but merely a racist political ideology.

77. Zio-Judyism must be privatized back into the synagogues and mental wards.

78. Zio-Judaism is a Tallmud teaching of anti-Gentile hatred.

79. Aliyah Zionism teaches that all jooz should emigrate to Izzie. Actually a great idea!

80. Non-aliyah Zionism teaches that jooz should support the JewsOnlyState by acting as a fifth column of traitors in the various cattle-goyim states. Not a good idea!

81. Zionism must be recognized as [not even] a racism.

82. Any Gentile racism is on a higher moral level than Zionism.

83. Semitism [Jewish Supremacy] teaches that a joo elite should use deceit to dominate cattle goyim nations. Semitists principally use the Auschwitz Club to control the goyim

84. Anti-Semitists [not anti-Semites] are urgently needed to fight Semitism [jooish supremacy].

85. The “Clash of Civilizations” is just a joo scam used to cause wars against and among all humans.

86. Jewry is defeating the West [both Black and White] with the hoaxoco$t lie. Jewry is simultaneously waging an anti-Islamic war using Gentile stooges to fight and die for Isrealhell.

87. Jewry`s multi-front wars are very risky for Mr. Joo because some cattle goyim might wake up.

88. The German [Hitler] Revolution was very democratic. The French and Russian Revolutions were very undemocratic.

89. Elite Jewry started WW2 in 1933 by unilaterally declaring war on Germany.

90. Jewism is the residual racism uniting the Solomon Sixpackers, i.e. the hoi polloi of the jooish sheeple.

91. The jooish contribution to Gentile societies is a net negative.

92. An anti-Semitist [not auntie-Semenist] used to mean someone who hates Semitists. Now an anti-Semitist means someone whom Semitists hate.

93. A Zionist used to mean a Jew who wanted to send stupider Jews to Palestine. Now a Zionist is often a rich Jew who escapes from Israel and leaves the stupidest jooz holding the bag as the JewState implodes.

94. The War on Terrorism [actually a War on Common Sense] is a joo-inspired scheme to get stupid Whites and Christians to kill innocent Arabs and Muslims.

95. Delendae sunt Judaea atque holyhoaxotoxia! [Israel and the hoaxoco$t must be destroyed.

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